Cincinnati Sub-Zero  

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Through the Years

Mar 19, 1940

Robert J. Jacobson starts DeepFreeze Distribution company

May 16, 1940

DeepFreeze building in Cincinnati.

Mar 19, 1949

Industrial Division is established when CSZ began manufacturing low-temperature industrial freezers followed by a full line of environmental test chambers.

Mar 19, 1952

Leonard Berke, nephew of Robert Jacobson, joins the company.

May 16, 1952

CSZ moves to Reading Road & Paddock in Avondale.

Mar 19, 1954

Name is changed to Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products.

Mar 19, 1963

Medical Division is established when the company began manufacturing products for the health care arena, supplying a full line of patient temperature management products.

May 16, 1963

Begin building environmental test chambers. The chamber in this photo was one of the first built and is still in use 50 years later.

Mar 19, 1965

CSZ moves to Gilbert Avenue in Walnut Hills.

Mar 19, 1971

Blanketrol® upgraded to the 200 & 200HL models.

Mar 19, 1979

Steven. J Berke, son of Leonard Berke joins the company.

May 16, 1979

Introduced the Vertical Thermal Shock and the Thermal Shock Bath Chambers.

Mar 19, 1981

The medical division releases the Hemotherm® model 400.

Mar 19, 1982

The medical division releases the Blanketrol® II model 222.

Mar 19, 1983

Introduction of the Z Chamber.

Mar 19, 1985

When CSZ reached capacity at their downtown Cincinnati facility, they relocated into a larger facility in Sharonville, Ohio to accommodate market demand and future expansion.

Mar 19, 1986

The medical division releases the Norm-O-Temp®.

Mar 19, 1987

The medical division releases the ECMO-Heater®

Mar 19, 1988

CSZ opened ESSC test laboratory in Blue Ash, Ohio to meet the testing needs of their customers by providing contract climatic testing and independent testing services.

Mar 19, 1991

Developed WarmAir®, convective warming units.

Mar 19, 1996

Eileen Berke joins the company.

May 16, 1996

CSZ Medical adds automated blanket line.

Mar 19, 1997

Steven Berke becomes President & CEO.

May 16, 1997

Eileen Berke becomes Chairman of the Board.

Mar 19, 1998

Acquired Zimmer Temperature Management Products, increasing soft goods production.

Mar 19, 1999

As the demand for testing increased, CSZ added an additional ESSC testing facility in Sterling Heights, MI.

Mar 19, 2000

Acquired Raven, incorporating metal fabrication capabilities.

Mar 19, 2001

As the company continued to grow, CSZ purchased the neighboring property and relocated the ESSC test laboratory from Blue Ash.

Mar 19, 2002

Patent issued for Tundra® Refrigeration System.

May 16, 2002

Introduced the MicroClimate® Benchtop Chamber.

Mar 19, 2004

Introduction of the ZP Chamber & the first touch screen controller.

Mar 19, 2006

Blanketrol® III is developed.

Mar 19, 2007

Gelli-Roll & Kool-Kit introduced.

Mar 19, 2008

Launched the new Vertical Thermal Shock Chamber.

Mar 19, 2009

ESSC Test Laboratory changed its name to CSZ Testing Services to better symbolize our expanding range of environmental testing capabilities and to better align all three divisions.

Mar 19, 2010

Introduction of the Tundra® II refrigeration system.

Mar 19, 2011

Acquired HALT & HASS Systems, Inc.

Apr 01, 2016

On April 1st, 2016 CSZ was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gentherm.

Dec 09, 2016

CSZ, A Gentherm Company, held a ribbon-cutting & dedication ceremony to celebrate the company’s new 80,000 square foot facility on Friday, December 9th

The History of Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) was founded in 1940 by Robert Jacobson, the great uncle of current President Steven Berke, as a distributor of the first practical freezer for food storage. Since then, the family business has evolved from manufacturing industrial freezers for the metal working industry to supplying a broad range of environmental test chambers for the industrial division which began in 1949. In 75 years of business our chambers have been used for testing products for over 21 different industries helping make products safe, reliable and more robust.

Our business evolved beyond industrial temperature management into the medical industry in 1960’s when a respected local heart surgeon, Dr. Leonard Gottesman, approached us with a need for cooling blood during open-heart surgery. The medical division was introduced in 1963 providing hypo-hyperthermia systems for patient temperature control. Today, the division provides a full product line of patient temperature management products for various applications such as being used to prevent permanent brain damage in patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, stroke and even for babies who are oxygen deprived during delivery.

In 1988, as the need for environmental testing grew, the Testing Division was formed out of a natural extension of the industrial division. By utilizing the chambers we were manufacturing in a contract test lab, we were then able to provide testing services to our customers. Today, the testing lab serves customers from two locations; one in Cincinnati, Ohio and one in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

We have experienced many changes in our 75 years including moving facilities six times and constantly changing to adapt our products to current market demand. Throughout these changes, one thing has stayed the same, the family atmosphere. Steven Berke, President, is the great nephew of the founder Robert Jacobson. Even now, we have many second and third generation employees.

On April 1st, 2016 CSZ was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gentherm. CSZ’s respected market reputation, established product portfolio and customer base, combined with Gentherm’s market-leading thermal management solutions and expertise create a strong platform for growth in the medical, and industrial test equipment markets. Gentherm’s strength as a technology company and dedication to innovation, complement and enhance our capabilities. Gentherm’s global scope and scale will further support our ambitious growth goals. Our continued focus on innovative temperature management solutions is exciting for both teams. By joining our knowledge and expertise in temperature management, we broaden our capabilities and position ourselves to better serve our existing markets and expand into new markets.

CSZ, A Gentherm Company, held a ribbon-cutting & dedication ceremony to celebrate the company’s new 80,000 square foot facility on Friday, December 9th, 2016.  The company broke ground on the new building February 16, 2016. The new three-story office building provides additional manufacturing and room for future office expansion.  This will serve the company’s need for space to support its current and future growth plans.